Doug + Byrd – Eastside Exchange Ballroom – Portland Wedding

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Doug and Byrd call their relationship “magic” since meeting ten years ago, because they both feel “so lucky and fortunate to have found such a complete and compatible match” in the other. They love how much they continue to challenge each other and grow, both as a couple and as individuals.

Doug and Byrd wanted their wedding to be more than just a ceremony, they wanted a party and a gathering of friends from different phases of their lives as well as their many out-of-town family members. Doug and Byrd grew up not far from each other in Ohio and Kentucky but didn’t meat until they were living in Portland. The Eastside Exchange Ballroom is a modern wedding venue, renovated out of a former industrial space on Portland’s inner east side. The interior of the ballroom provided a great blank-slate for their wedding, and the rooftop patio featured stunning views of the Willamette River, downtown, and the west hills for their guests.

To celebrate their union Doug and Byrd also created a new coat of arms, which you can see in a few of the photos. The cocktail hour took place in the adjacent space of Sincerely Truman, a Portland-based creative agency that both looks like, and features, a spacious bar and lounge.

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