Q: How did you get started photographing weddings?

It all started with a travel adventure! I moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in the fall of 2007. I had just graduated from journalism school and I knew I wanted to live in a foreign country and work on my foreign language skills (I'm Spanish fluent). I knew I wanted to photograph people and I wanted to tell stories. Shortly after moving to Puerto Vallarta I began work as a wedding photographer full time. I was twenty three and none of my friends were married, I had no idea that documentary wedding photography was a “thing”! I quickly found out that it was not just a thing, but something really exciting and special! I moved back to the states in 2009 where I started my own destination wedding photography business. Since then I've traveled all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean photographing weddings.

Q: How would you describe your style?

I aim for photojournalistic storytelling, blending seamlessly into the background of your wedding day, you won't even realize I was “there” or “there” until you see the photographs. I'm articulate and communicative when needed, taking just enough control during the family photos and creative portraits to get the job done, while allowing everyone to relax, forget about me, and be themselves.

Q: How many weddings have you photographed?

As of 2015, about 200.

Q: How do we arrange your travel?

Travel is included in all of my photography quotes. I'll take care of all my arrangements. You can trust, as an experienced traveler, I'll be in full control of making any last minute adjustments and travel decisions should issues arise. That way you're free to focus on enjoying your wedding experience!

Q: When will you arrive for our wedding?

I always fly in two days before your wedding. For example, if your wedding is in Tulum, Mexico on a Saturday, I will arrive in Tulum by Thursday evening. I've never been late or missed a client's wedding and this buffer allows me to navigate travel around any unpredictable events…like hurricanes…which has happened twice!

The extra buffer also gives me the free time to scout for your creative portraits. One thing I love about traveling is looking for the out-of-the-way and beautiful places you might not see in a guide book…even places on your resort you might not have noticed at first glance!

Q: Where are you based?

I travel often for both work and pleasure. When I’m at home, I split my time between the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland, Oregon.

Q: Will you travel for an engagement or family session?

Most definitely. I'm happy to meet you in your hometown or a special location of your choosing. I'm also happy to put our heads together and collaborate on going somewhere totally new.

Q: Do you photograph details and family group shots?

Yes! Although you won't see these on my blog and website, these will be included in your coverage. I take ample time to photograph things like the rings, dress, shoes, jewelry as well as flowers, table settings etc… For “posed” formal family photos, we'll work together before your wedding to create a list that outlines exactly who you want included in those photos so that no special person is missed!

Q: How often do you shoot weddings alone?

If a wedding is over 75 people I highly recommend going with my second photographer option. I have a network of photographers all over the world that I can draw from for a second shooter. Wherever your location, I'll find the perfect second shooter to fit your personality, wedding vibe and budget.

Q: Should I give you a shot list?

When you inquire with me about your wedding I'll forward you links to complete wedding galleries so you can see how I photograph a wedding beginning to end. You'll see that my coverage is extensive, and I work best when given the freedom to create images based on natural interactions of people in front of me. That being said the one place where I do create a list is for the formal family photos and important group shots. We'll collaborate on this list together once your guest list is finalized. This way, no important person is left out.

Q: How long after my wedding or family shoot will I see my images?

Because I take so much care in crafting your images, knowing that they will be timeless family heirlooms, my turnaround time is 8 weeks. I'll post a few sneak peaks from your wedding or family shoot during the week after. Feel free to ask for a photo for your thank you cards while you wait!

Q: How do we hire you?

Please use any of the contact forms on my site to inquire for a custom quote. Once we've had the chance to chat about your wedding and get to know each other a little better, booking is easy with one-third deposit and a signed contract. Both the deposit and contract can be done conveniently online.